How To Apply

The following instructions should be followed when a funding round described on a Foundation category page directs applicants to use them. 


Creating a Profile

To begin the process, you must first create an account on the Foundation's grants portal.

Grant Requests

The process, guidelines, and calendar dates for grant requests will be listed on the relevant grant category web page when a particular funding cycle begins. The Foundation asks that grant requests be submitted using the online portal.

In all cases, applications will only be accepted during the dates specified on the website. Please note that no application will be considered after the deadline.

What Full Grant Requests and Requests for Proposals Include

Grant requests and RFPs require that you provide 1) a project description or narrative, 2) a project budget, and 3) organizational documents.

1. Project description or narrative

This should include the following, some of which you may be prompted to answer in a separate text box:

  •  How the project reflects the organization’s mission and strategic plans
  • Project objectives
  • Project need, including current supporting data
  • Expected outcomes
  • Target population, including numbers of individuals, who will benefit
  • Detailed work plan, including collaborating organizations and timetable of activities
  • How and when you will evaluate the success of the project
  • How you plan to secure continued support beyond the initial grant period
  • Success and “lessons learned” to date (for renewal requests)
  • How the project fits with the stated objective of the Foundation grant category (e.g., Education, Jewish Life, Entrepreneurship, or Arts and Culture)

2. Project budget

For your project budget, you will be prompted to submit the overall budget and the amount you are requesting from the Foundation. If renewals are allowed in your particular category, you will be asked to list budgets for past years (if yours is a renewal grant) and/or future years, in addition to your request for the current year amount.

3. Organizational documents

Organizational documents you supply should contain the following information. (If any of the required documents are missing, please tell us why.)

  • Organizational history
  • Agency accreditation or license (if applicable)
  • Previous year’s organization expenditure report
  • Two most recent financial statements (audited statements preferred)
  • Previous year’s annual report (if available)
  • Most recently submitted 990 Form
  • Current year organization budget
  • Board of directors and their professional affiliations

Grant Review

Every grant request submitted will be reviewed carefully by the Foundation. After considering your application, the Foundation may request additional details and/or conduct a site visit. You will be notified whether or not your grant request is approved on or around the date specified on the Foundation’s website.


To ensure that Foundation dollars are used efficiently and productively, we will require every recipient organization to report on how the grant was used and on the success of the project. The type of reporting requested will be tailored to the project and grant amount.

Grant recipient will be required to sign a grant agreement. In addition to affirming the continued accuracy of the information provided in the grant request and acknowledging the Foundation's funding policies, we will require grant recipients to affirm that the grant funds were expended in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement letter, and to provide a statement comparing actual income and expenditures to the approved budget. We will ask for details on how success of the project was measured (noting any changes from the original plans for project evaluation as described in the grant request), and to provide information on the project's long-term impact, involvement of collaborating organizations, unanticipated challenges, and future plans for the project after the grant period has ended.