Arts and Culture

Recognizing Our Creative Community: The Farash Foundation Arts and Culture Gift Program

Arts and culture play integral roles in the life of any healthy community. Those who make art, and those who curate our culture, add immeasurably to the depth and discernment with which we experience the world. These artistic and cultural contributions can enhance the lives of individuals of every age, at every socioeconomic level, and across a broad array of specific interests.

The Foundation is launching Recognizing Our Creative Community: The Farash Arts and Culture Gift Program and invites all 501(c)(3) arts and cultural organizations in Monroe and Ontario counties to receive annual gifts during the three-year duration of this $1.2 million program.

Arts and cultural organizations, as defined by the Farash Foundation for the purposes of this initiative, include 501(c)(3) institutions that have as their primary objective the promotion of the arts and/or culture through the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination, typically in an audio, visual, or performance medium. 
Schools that teach such "arts," and art programs within organizations that have a wider mission and focus, are not eligible for this gift program. 

Arts and culture organizations must register on the Foundation’s website for this initiative in order to receive annual gifts over a three-year period. Grants will be proportioned to the size of the organization. The dollar amount for each organization will be calculated annually. The awards will be unrestricted and may be used as operating support or for special projects.


Only those organizations based in Monroe or Ontario counties of New York State that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986, as amended, and are not classified as private foundations or Type III supporting organizations under Section 509 of the Code, will be considered for grants.


  • The Foundation will verify that organizations seeking a grant through this program have as their primary purpose the promotion of the arts and/or culture.
  • A grant will be made to each verified organization in each of three years.
  • Grants made through this program will not disqualify organizations from receiving grants through other Foundation programs, should such be offered.

Restrictions (what is not funded)

  • Research
  • Grants or scholarships to individuals
  • Lobbying or attempt to influence legislation


Registration for gift program starts:

June 17, 2015

Registration due by:

July 7, 2015

Gifts announced:

September 24, 2015