Photo of five women volunteers with shovels and rakes at a worksite.

First in Family Scholarship

The First in Family Scholarship Program began providing scholarships for students at institutions of higher education in Monroe and Ontario Counties, enabling first-generation college students to graduate debt-free.


This innovative program addresses the challenges of families who have raised bright, conscientious children, but have never been able to afford college. It supplements the financial awards to each student from his or her institution, supplying all additional funds needed to completely pay for the Farash Scholar’s tuition, room and board, textbooks, and mandatory fees. This not only enables the scholar to be the first in their family to attend college, but also to graduate debt-free; having the greatest potential for ongoing success. The Foundation’s support continues over the course of the students’ college careers, up to five years.

A condition of the scholarship is that all Scholars are required to undertake community service with local nonprofit organizations for the duration of college. Additionally, Farash Scholars are given opportunities to interact with each other – as a group, and at a variety of programs, performances, and sporting events.

“We at the Farash Foundation are heartened by the prospect of helping local students to be the first in their families to gain a college education without enduring the burden of a financial obligation likely to last for decades. We know this will give these scholars brighter, more productive futures – perhaps far beyond their families’ dreams.”

-Thomas H. Jackson, Foundation Trustee

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