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Message: Foundation Giving in 2015

Farash Foundation News Release

A Transition in Grantmaking

Observing the wishes of its founders, the Farash Foundation continues to place the highest priority on education, entrepreneurship, and Jewish life. Within that framework, the Trustees and staff periodically review and redefine Foundation practices to ensure the greatest impact on priority areas.

As the Foundation enters its fourth year of formal grantmaking, it will direct more of its annual investment in our community to a number of key initiatives that have the prospects of producing a transformational effect. These include our signature programs—First in Family Scholarships, Charter School Initiative, and the Farash Institute for Jewish Education—along with the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund. Additionally, the Foundation’s ongoing relationships with area synagogues, day schools, and Jewish agencies will continue.

The Foundation will continue to provide smaller grants to nonprofit organizations whose needs to undertake a particular program or project are evident and compelling. We will do so in 2015 by inviting those organizations to submit proposals. The Building Repair Emergency Fund also will continue to provide small grants to local nonprofits for emergency expenses.

This transition in grantmaking in 2015—allocating more dollars to major Foundation initiatives—is accompanied by our continuing priority to encourage collaboration among the community’s many nonprofit organizations. Together we can achieve far more than any individual entity could hope to do alone. Continuing our work with community leaders and other nonprofits, we will strive to serve the community as effectively as we can.

Hollis S. Budd
Executive Director

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