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A Message from the Foundation

A Message from the Foundation

Max Farash’s success was built on visionary thinking, on a creative entrepreneurial spirit . . . and on getting the details right. As stewards of Max and Marian Farash’s legacy, we are now intent on developing the Foundation’s “big picture” as well as the details that will make it all work.

The Board of Trustees and professional staff are putting into place the overarching vision for the Foundation grant program, as well as the specific funding priorities, guidelines, and processes that will ensure that we make the best use of Foundation resources. Following Max’s inspiring example of entrepreneurship, we hope to have the opportunity to bring meaningful change to the Rochester area community and to the Jewish community, locally and globally. We set our sights no lower than that.

Both the Rochester and Jewish communities have critical, identified needs. Many are being addressed, but others remain. Our Foundation looks forward to assisting nonprofit organizations in doing their best work. In addition, we imagine that we will help our community partners to try things not yet envisioned much less attempted.

The Foundation’s grant program will not begin in earnest until 2012. Over the course of the 2011 year, the Board of Trustees and staff will be working diligently to ensure that our goals are clear, well thought-out, and explicit. We intend to find just the right intersection of our founders’ wishes and community needs, making the investments that fulfill their intentions.

We will be there to help.

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