Group photo of the Farash Foundation staff sitting in the lobby of their building.


Our team builds and maintains connections across countless communities and the organizations that serve them. We do this to better understand what is at the heart of any challenge, which organizations and programs can generate bold new solutions, and where our support can have the greatest impact.

Hollis Budd, Executive Director

Hollis Budd

Executive Director

(585) 479-4461

Megan Bell, Director of Grants and Programs

Megan Bell

Chief Program Officer

(585) 479-4462

Susan Rosenbloom, Director of Finance and Administration

Susan Rosenbloom

Chief Finance and Administrative Officer

(585) 479-4463

Jane Amstey, Program Officer

Jane Amstey

Program Officer

(585) 479-4468

Marcus Bliss

Program Officer

(585) 479-4470

Todd Waite, Program Officer

Todd Waite

Program Officer

(585) 576-6632

Alicia Jinks, Program Officer

Alicia Jinks

Grants Management Officer

(585) 479-4465

Pamela Schlierf, Grants Administrator

Pamela Schlierf

Grants Management Administrator

(585) 479-4464

Trisha Butera, Controller

Trisha Butera


(585) 479-4467

Gwendolyn Graham, Administrative Assistant

Gwendolyn Graham

Administrative Assistant

(585) 479-4472