The bright lights who help spark change

Our People

Our staff and our trustees are incredible individuals who bring their whole hearts and minds to the work we do. With their commitment to our values and vision, they help make big things happen in our community.

Our Staff

Our staff is committed to bettering our community by cultivating strong connections with the organizations that serve it and understanding where — and how — our support can have the greatest impact.

Jennie Schaff head shot

Jennie I. Schaff, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

(585) 479-4461

Megan Bell head shot

Megan Bell

Chief Program Officer

(585) 479-4462

Susan Rosenbloom head shot

Susan Rosenbloom

Chief Finance and Administrative Officer

(585) 479-4463

Marcus Bliss head shot

Marcus Bliss

Program Officer

(585) 479-4470

Todd Waite head shot

Todd Waite

Program Officer

(585) 479-4469

Michael Zimmerman head shot

Michael Zimmerman

Program Officer

(585) 479-4468

Carla Ganiel head shot

Carla Ganiel

Learning and Evaluation Officer

(585) 479-4472

Alicia Jinks head shot

Alicia Jinks

Grants Management Officer

(585) 479-4465

Pamela Schlierf head shot

Pamela Schlierf

Grants Management Administrator

(585) 479-4464

Trisha Butera head shot

Trisha Butera


(585) 479-4467

Gwendolyn Graham head shot

Gwendolyn Graham

Administrative Assistant

(585) 479-4471

Our Trustees

Our trustees have a passion for serving our community through their deep knowledge and experience across a breadth of backgrounds.

Daan Braveman, Chair

President (retired)

Nazareth College

Matthew Aroesty

President and CEO

Maxum Properties, Inc.

Kenneth D. Bell

Executive Vice President (retired)


Doug Bennett

Founding Partner

Phalanx Impact Partners

Edward Hourihan, Jr.


Bond, Schoeneck & King

Hoffman Moka Lantum, MD, PhD

President and Founder

2020 MicroClinic Initiative

Patricia Loveland


2E Consulting, LLC

Theresa Mazzullo

Chief Executive Officer

Excell Partners

Nathan J. Robfogel, Esq.

Partner (retired)

Harter Secrest & Emery, LLP

Joy Ryen Plotnik

Senior Vice President-Wealth Premium Solutions

Canandaigua National Bank & Trust

Gregory Wolcott

Director External Affairs (retired)

The Wharton School